Did you know..? Some foods can be toxic to your dog?

Let’s face it, we all want to spoil our puppers as much as possible, right!? They are our family and we want to make them happy. We give them the best kibble, yummy treats and maybe a little scrap or two from our own plates. They love it! But did you know that some human foods can harm your dog? There are some that I never would have thought would be toxic to dogs and I’m sure I’m not the only one. To help bring awareness, I’ve attached this list of some foods that are toxic and should never be fed to your dog.

One rule I like to follow, if you aren’t sure if it’s safe, look it up before feeding it to your babies! You’d be surprised at some of the things dogs should never eat!

• Onions, Garlic

   and Chives

• Macadamia Nuts

• Coffee, Tea and    
   other Caffeine 

• Chocolate 

• Milk and other

   Dairy Products 

• Grapes and Raisins

• Xylitol 

• Sugar

• Fat Trimmings

   and Bones

• Alcohol 

• Avocados 

• Yeast Dough

• Persimmons,

   Peaches and Plums

• Raw Eggs, Meat

   and Fish