Theo’Dorable Wolf

Theo has an amazing temperament! He is so gentle and laid back. He’s a sweet talker, loves doing tricks, and his favorite thing to do is “go bye-bye” with me every time I leave the house! He has also been the easiest, most trainable dog I have ever had! He can learn any trick within just a couple of  hours and will literally do anything for a treat!

Theo has a long, thick wooly coat and his color is agouti. He has brown eyes and weighs 50-55 lbs.


Maverick Zeke

Zeke is from one of our previous litters. His parents are Summer and Theo. He was my favorite and we just had to keep him! He isn’t much of a talker but he is a happy boy all the time and is so sweet and smart. He is also easy to train like his dad!

Zeke has a very thick, wooly coat and his color is agouti. He has blue eyes and weighs 50-55 lbs.


Timber Blaze

Timber has the best personality I have ever seen! He is extremely calm and laid back, and has to be the sweetest dog on the planet! He is a lover boy and he absolutely hates being alone! His nickname is Chewbacca because that’s what he sounds like when he talks! Lol!

Timber has a semi wooly coat and his colors are red with white markings! His eyes are ice blue and he weighs 60-65 lbs!




Micah was our very first husky and the beginning of our husky adventure! When we decided we wanted a husky, we had no idea what we were getting into! We didn’t even know that huskies came with spots! We were looking for a standard black and white husky thinking that’s all there was! But when we saw him, we couldn’t resist the spots! A few years later, after falling in love with the breed and doing lots of research, we decided to build a pack and have our own fluffy puppies!

Micah has a plush coat and he is a black and white piebald. He has ice blue eyes and weighs 60-65 lbs.

~ Sadly, our sweet prince crossed the rainbow bridge on 5/15/18 and is no longer with us. We miss him dearly. He was the king of the pack and our lead singer every time we came home, or there was a siren near by! He actually sounded like a dying cow lol! But oh how we miss that sound because our welcome home choir just isn’t the same! RIP sweet boy! You will forever be in our hearts!