Jerzi Skye

Jerzi is my goober! She’s just goofy pretty much all the time. She’s a big talker and always has something to say.  She is also the most “love on me” dog ever! She will literally make you pet her non-stop! And when you stop, she stares you down until you start petting her again. She is so sweet! She is a great mom and absolutely loves her babies. When they cry, she cries, when they howl, she howls back softly! It’s so sweet to hear! Even if it’s in the middle of the night! Lol.

Jerzi has a semi wooly coat and her colors are gray with white markings. She has blue eyes and weighs 48-52 lbs.

Aspen Snow

Aspen is super spunky and always wants to play! She loves ropes and playing tug of war. She also likes to run laps around my ottoman with her tongue hanging out lol! But she is such a good girl and is always by my side. She just recently had her first litter and she has been an awesome mom so far! We couldn’t be more proud!

Aspen has a semi wooly coat and she is solid white. She has blue eyes and weighs 45 lbs.

Lola Dee

Lola is one of our previous babies that came back to us. We were lucky enough to get to visit with her on a regular basis because she was kept in the family and lived just a few miles away, so that made the transition back to us easy for her. And because of the close relationship we had, we just couldn’t let her go! She is a very sweet girl, very talkative, and loves to play! We are happy to add her to our pack and we look forward to her future litter in Spring 2023!

Lola has a semi wooly coat and she is black and tan. She has blue eyes and weighs 40 lbs but still has some growing to do.

Harper Jade

Harper is one of the most mellow and gentle husky I’ve ever had! She is just a big bear that is so gentle with everything she does! She is so sweet and I couldn’t have asked for a better dog! She’s a sweet talker and is so loving and well behaved. She has not had the chance to be a mom yet but we are looking forward to her future litter in Fall of 2023!

Harper has a thick wooly coat and is mostly black. Her eyes are amber and she weighs 40 lbs right now but still has some growing to do.


Sadie Grace

Sadie is such a sweet, loving girl! She is always happy and loves attention. When she wants my attention, she paws at my leg until I give it to her. She is also very vocal and always has something to say!

We have retired Sadie but she will forever be our family member. She has been a wonderful mother and absolutely loved it! But now it’s time for her to live the rest of her life puppy and care free!

Summer Breeze

Summer has an awesome temperament! She is very sweet and laid back. She’s not much of a talker unless it’s feeding time or when we come home but she “dances” around in circles when she is excited. It is too cute! We call her “tappy toes”. Her coat is super soft and she loves getting brushed all over!

Summer has been retired but she will always be a part of our family! She was such a good mother and gave us some beauties but now it’s her time to have a care free life!