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About Southern Siberian Life:

Where are you located?

We are located in north Alabama near Huntsville.

• How long have you been breeding?

We got our very first husky in 2011 and started breeding in 2016.

• Are your huskies health tested?

All of our dogs have been DNA and health tested through Embark.

Are your puppies AKC registered?

Yes. All of our puppies are AKC registered.

How much are your puppies?

Our puppies are $1200 with limited AKC registration or $1500 for full.

• What is the difference between limited and full AKC registration?

With limited AKC registration, you will receive AKC papers for your husky but not the rights to breed. If you would like to breed, you would need to have full rights to do so.

• If I purchase full AKC registration, am I allowed to breed?

Yes. If you would like to breed, you would need full rights to do so.

• How does your waiting list work?

We are happy to add you to our waiting list at any time and for however long you’d like! We start contacting everyone on our list when puppies are 1-2 weeks old. While we go through our list in order, we do not wait for a response before moving to the next person. Our puppies are sold based on interest and application approval. So you can be the last person on our list and have the same opportunity as the first! If you are interested in being added to our waiting list, please click here or fill out our application.

• Do you require a deposit to be added to your waiting list?

No we do not. We only accept deposits on puppies after they are born and an application has been submitted and approved.

How much is your deposit and does it come off the total amount of the puppy?

Our deposit is a non-refundable fee of $200 and yes, it comes off the total balance.

•Why is the deposit non-refundable?

When you place a deposit on a puppy before it is ready for pick up, you are asking the breeder to hold said puppy for how ever many weeks that may be. Unfortunately, many ask for a puppy to be held, and when it comes time for pick up, they change their mind or don’t show and the breeder is then in a situation where they need to find a home for a puppy that is ready to go. This requires more work, more time and more money to care for the puppy until it has found a home. And there are some situations where the puppy doesn’t find a home soon and the breeder is responsible for the upcoming vet visits and even have to lower their price. Your deposit is a promise between both the breeder and the buyer. It’s your promise that you are serious about bringing a puppy home and the breeders promise to hold it until pick up.

•Is the non-refundable deposit transferable to future litters?

In most cases we will allow deposits to be transferred to future litters, as we understand life happens. Due to us needing to search for another home for the puppy we have been holding for you, you must notify us at least three weeks before the pick up date to transfer a deposit. If the deposit is made when the puppy is over 5 weeks old, we must be notified within 48 hours that you would like to transfer a deposit. Otherwise, deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable.

After a deposit is made, how do you accept the remaining balance due?

After the deposit is made, we accept the remaining balance in cash at pick up. That way we both can feel comfortable and not have to worry about scams.

• Do you accept payments for the remaining balance after the deposit is paid?

Unfortunately we no longer accept payments. After the deposit is paid, the rest is due in cash at pick up.

Do you accept deposits before litters are born for pick of the litter?

No we do not. We cannot guarantee that we will have the puppy you are looking for. We may not have expected colors or genders. Also, we like to be sure our babies are doing well and thriving before accepting deposits.

• Once a deposit is made, what can I expect from Southern Siberian Life for the remaining weeks before pick up?

Once we have received your deposit, we send weekly photos and updates on your new puppy. We also send random pictures and videos in between and upon request and are happy to answer any questions you may have. We are also happy to talk and FaceTime anytime. The week of pick up, we communicate with our buyers to plan a date/time for pick up. Your puppy will be bathed and groomed on pick up day and will come to you with a puppy pack of goodies and paperwork.

With all the scammers online, how can I feel more comfortable with sending a deposit?

We completely understand the concern of sending funds online to place a deposit on a puppy. For this reason, we offer to speak on the phone and/or FaceTime, we send plenty of pictures and videos and can send them whenever you request. Some buyers like to get a picture of the puppy they are interested in with just a piece of paper with the date and time on it, we can do that too! We can provide anything you ask to show we are not scammers and that we do indeed have the puppy you are interested in!

• Do you post live updates to your social media when mom is in labor and puppies are being born?

No we do not. When my moms are in labor, the last thing I’m thinking about is taking and posting pictures and updates to social media. This time is stressful for both us and mom. I spend this time comforting my moms and being there when she needs me. When a puppy is born, my job is to make sure she knows what to do and to intervene as needed, not take pictures. It can also sometimes be stressful on mom to take their puppy, even if only for a second, to get a picture. I just simply won’t do this, even if mom seems ok with it. When mom takes a break to go outside, I do take that time to look over any puppies that are already born. I look them over and check for gender.

After all puppies are born, I let mom rest. I usually get pictures to share within 3-5 days. At that time, I’ll start contacting those on my waiting list. I do not share pictures to social media until everyone on my list has been contacted and has been given time to respond. 

• Do you offer transportation or delivery for your puppies?

Unfortunately we do not transport our puppies or deliver at this time. Moving to a new home, a new family, and no longer seeing their mom or siblings is already stressful. We love our babies too much to add any extra stress during their transition to their new homes. Therefore, they are pick up only in our local area, by the buyer only. For anyone planning to fly, we allow puppies to fly as carry on only and we are happy to meet at our nearest airport.

Can I send my own puppy transport if I set it all up? Or send a friend or family member to pick up my puppy?

No. Our puppies are pick up only, in our local area, by the buyer only. Moving to a new home, a new family, and no longer seeing their mom or siblings is already stressful. We love our babies too much to add any extra stress during their transition to their new homes. We also feel that the ride home is perfect bonding time for you and your new puppy rather than your baby riding with another stranger to get to you.

About Siberian Huskies:

Where can I learn more about Siberian Huskies?

There is a lot of information online about Siberian Huskies. We have gathered some here to help you get started.

• Do Siberian Huskies shed?

Yes! A lot! Siberian Huskies blow their coats at least twice a year. During this time, you will see what seems like endless amounts of fur and chunks all over their bodies and your floors! You will brush and brush for days, still seeing the chunks of fur and wondering when does it end! Does it get better? Yep! Just keep brushing! After a couple of weeks, you should lose all the chunks and your baby will fluff up for the rest of the season until the next coat blow! Good times! But so worth it!

P.S. – The shedding is minimal in between seasons!

Is it too hot for huskies to live in the south or warmer states?

No. Siberian Huskies have the ability to adjust to different climates. Their double coat keeps them warm in the winter months and keeps them cool in the summer months.

Can I shave my husky when it’s hot?

No. You should never shave your husky unless medically necessary. Shaving your husky puts them at risk of heat stroke, sunburn, skin cancer, and can permanently damage their coat. Believe it or not, they need all that fluff and it actually keeps them cooler!

• Do huskies bark and howl?

Some do and some don’t! But most of them do! Expect your husky to have conversations with you and to “back talk.” They like to bark and howl when they are excited to see you and for feeding time. If you live in an area where you hear sirens regularly, expect to hear howling along with it! But nothing beats hearing your singer/singers when you come home from a long day!

Are huskies destructive?

Just like any breed, they can be! Be sure to do your research on any breed you choose to adopt and learn how to train them properly. When trained, Siberian Huskies are amazing dogs! They are smart, energetic and a fun loving breed! But they require lots of training and exercise to prevent them from being destructive.

• Do all siberian huskies have blue eyes?

No, in fact, they can have a variety of eye colors and any combo! Siberian Huskies can have blue, brown, amber, bi-eyes and/or parti eyes.